Ultius.com does offer a wide spectrum of different services to its customer, ranging from essay writing help, coursework, thesis, dissertation, research papers, academic assignment, editing, and just about any other sort of service you would expect from the company of this type. They also offer their business writing service, and that includes not only writing resumes, admissions essays, propositions, but also business plans and presentations. They offer something for just about anyone, which is praiseworthy, but at their core, they are an essay writing service, just like most companies. In terms of the variety of services offered, they rank very well.


Ultius does offer high-quality papers, and their essay writers are certainly capable of producing good papers, but their prices are extremely high, and seeing as their customer base includes college students for the most part, only those with a fairly high budget will be able to afford them. With them, good does not equal cheap, or even affordable. Even if you order your essay weeks in advance, you will still pay more than you would if were to choose any other assignment writing service. If you are looking for a service with normal prices, you are better off looking somewhere else, because Ultius is too expensive. Even their website that they are not the cheapest, which is an understatement.


In terms of reliability, you will not find many complaints about this website, as most of their customers receive the papers they have ordered on time. However, there were some problems when their customers have asked for revision of their work, and their assignment writers seemed strangely unresponsive or uncooperative, which is something that needs to be taken into an account when choosing an essay writing service that charges premium prices for their essay help.


As we have pointed out before, Ultius is one of the most expensive companies out there, which does not automatically make them the best writing service there is. They are good, but their rates are, even for high school papers ordered weeks in advance, are simply too steep for most people. If you are money to burn, go ahead, but if you do some research, you will be able to find services that provide similar quality, but without eating up your entire budget. Again, they are good, but not the best, and they certainly not the most affordable. They are extremely pricey, and you can get a better deal somewhere else, without having to sacrifice quality.

Special Offers

Although their website is fairly new and clearly laid out, we weren’t able to find any information about discount, coupons, or special offers on it, which means that the steep prices remain even if you commission multiple papers with their writers. A common industry practice is to offer some sort of a discount for regular customers, which is something you won’t find here.


If you are looking for a writing service that will connect you to an affordable essay writer, you may want to go somewhere. An assignment writer with Ultius will charge you a premium price for work that is good, but far from being worth the price tag. There are also no special offers, and while they are reliable for the most part, their customer service leaves much to be desired. Their service will remain inaccessible for most college student, which should be their customer base. Sadly, they have ignored that fact.