One of the things that does very well, but where most other services fail, is the presence of a separate page on their website, where all of their services are listed in great details, which makes them very user-friendly in that aspect. This writing service offers essay writing help, book reposts, homework, academic assignments, theses, case studies, research and term papers, and even reviews if you need them. Unfortunately, as you will be able to read, versatility if probably the biggest thing this essay writing service has going for it.


As far as quality of their assignment writing service and the quality of their papers is concerned, we would rank Grademiners pretty low on the proverbial scale. Most of the work they put out is of subpar properties as its best, and at times, it is terrible. This is due to the fact that the essay you commission with them are usually written by essay writers which aren’t native speakers, which is absolutely unacceptable. Most academic assignment require a very high level of English. When you order a paper from Grademiners, it will most likely by written by a non-native assignment writer with subpar literary skills. The lack of quality is reflected in grammar and spelling mistakes, poor sentence structure, and poor treatment of the topic provided by the customer. You will have to ask for revisions, or do them yourself, which defeats the purpose of this service.


This is not the best company when it comes to reliability, which is not surprising, since most of their writing staff is comprised of non-native writers which are strapped for cash, just like the college students ordering the papers. To be fair, most of these work done by their assignment writers is deliver on time, but that’s where the problem begins, because quite often, their work needs to be revised, which means you will spend even more time waiting for essay help. And when it comes to revision, they will usually add minor changes, or send back the paper with no alterations, which is a poor practice.


One of the pros of this assignment writing service are its affordable prices, which makes them accessible for pretty much anyone. However, those students which are expecting to save a few dollars should be aware of the fact that they won’t receive top quality for the money they have spent. In this case, you may even be overpaying, because you will have to correct the paper yourself, or it won’t be usable at all. Unfortunately, good prices are not followed by good quality, otherwise this service would rank among the best ones out there.

Special Offers

On the plus side, Grademiners give everyone a 15% discount when they commission an essay from their essay writer, which is offered only by those service which are aware of the fact that their clientele are college students. Also, 10% of the money you have paid for every order will be transferred to your own Balance account on the website, and you will be able to use that money to pay for each subsequent order, which is great. However, what’s not so great is their money-back guarantee.


This is not the best writing service by a long shot, as its papers are written by non-native writers. It is very cheap, but on the other hand, the quality of their essays and papers is subpar. They do offer discounts, which means you can get your essay even cheaper, but be prepared to sacrifice some of the quality.