In terms of versatility, is good writing service, offering a pretty decent range of services to its customers, including essay help, writing research and term papers, coursework, theses, academic assignment, book reports, and so on. You can find a full list of their service on their website, which is well-organized and clearly laid out. They offer writing for all academic levels, from high school essays to dissertation. Also, they can help you come up with your admissions essay. On top of all that, they provide free editing, proofreading, and revision for every paper you order from, which is great.


While the list of their services is quite extensive, we were not as impressed with the quality of the work their essay writers have put out, as it was average in most cases, and online users tend to agree with our assessment. They clearly state on their website that they hire assignment writers from all over the globe, which is commendable, but seeing as academic writer requires an extremely high level of writing in English, you would stand to benefit more if you were to choose a company which features native writers only. This way, their papers are average for the most part, with poor research being one of the most common problems.


In terms of reliability, EssayHave is a good company, as the essay writer we assigned responded to our messages in time, and deliver the work within the agreed deadline. Again, their work was lacking, so we asked for a free revision, which we got. However, they reworded some sentences and made them longer, instead of providing more data we could use in our essay. If you are looking for essay writing help, this is a decent service, but it is lacking in certain aspects.


When it comes to their prices, this essay writing service is not overly expensive. In fact, their prices will be affordable for most high school and college students. However, keep in mind that you don’t receive top-notch work for that sort of money. If you are looking for an assignment writing services that is both affordable and delivers excellent papers, you might be better off looking in another direction.

Special Offers

The majority of online service offers some sort of discount for first-time customers. However, you won’t get any of that here, which doesn’t make it the best writing service in that aspect. But, you will be offered a 5% if you spend more than $500 on the website, 10% if you spend more than $1000, and 15% if you spend more than $2000. Seeing as these numbers are pretty hard to reach, the discounts are rather symbolic, and it’s hard to imagine anybody enjoying their benefits.


EssayHave is thoroughly average academic writing service which won’t disappoint you too much, but it won’t be provide you with all the help you have expected either. They are pretty affordable, but you get exactly what you paid for in this case. In top of that, you will most likely be paired up with an assignment writer that is non-native speaker, which can pose a problem if you trying to order a dissertation, or any other sort of paper which requires deep research and extensive knowledge of the language and all its finesses. On the plus side, they are versatile, and their writers are very responsive, but when things are considered, the service itself is average, and nothing more than that.